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Socialt stöd till unga på webben The data will be used to design a control strategy for the robot. The powered joints of the robot are driven by linear motors.

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Idrottslärarutbildning - en kontextualisering In: I frekvens med tiden? Att utveckla rekryteringsmetoder samt stödjande miljöer för unga ledare Larsson, Lena Linnéuniversitetet. To be — or not to be invited? Larsson, Lena Linnéuniversitetet. The emphasis on influence can be linked to the fact that the sport club activities of the Swedish state are seen as an important arena for the civic education of young people. His theories make it possible to investigate both the habitus and the capital required åkte young coaches to be able to participate in the struggle for positions in the sport association. The data in this study consists of ten focus group interviews conducted with 37 participants. When selecting respondents, we have sought a geographical spread, a variety of sports, and both male knipa female participants.

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When you want to export more records please use the Create feeds function. This issue for the study is as follows: The goal is to investigate and compare assessment and grading in Norwegian and Swedish upper secondary school. The survey was carried out on two upper secondary schools, thru a purposeful sampling, one in Sweden in the outskirts of Stockholm knipa the other in Norway, in Hamar. In Sweden have I been carried out two interviews, a man knipa a woman, in Norway I have carried out three interviews, two skada and a woman. All PE teachers received the same issues and most of the interviews were captured on tape-recorded. My theoretical framework is inspired by the French sociologist Pierre Bourdiue and the relationship between individuals knipa social systems. The result in this study shows that there are diversities of what PE teachers makes in their assessment, not just between the two countries but also between teachers individually. Between the two countries, we can see a clear difference in track of the document, in Sweden they have a more goal driven curriculum to make it easier åkte PE teacher to grade the students.


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